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clean a vaporizer


How To Clean a Dry Herb Vaporizer: Make Your Vape Last Longer

Do you use a vaporizer but haven’t cleaned it before? This can make your smoking experience not as pleasant as it was in the beginning. Whether you have a vaporizer for concentrates or dry herbs or a vape pen, you should clean these devices regularly. Not only can you continue to enjoy optimal taste and smell, but your device will also last a lot longer. In this blog, you can read why you should regularly clean your vaporizer, and how to do it. 5 meo dmt vape pen

Reasons to clean a vaporizer

Using a vaporizer has many advantages. Because the weed (or other herbs) is not burned, this provides a very pure experience. But even though no smoke is released when vaping, this does not mean that the device itself does not get dirty. Over time, a sticky deposit will build up in the vaporizer. If you don’t remove this, it could cause problems. Below are three reasons why you should regularly buy your vaporizer needs to clean.

1. Your device will last longer

Due to the evaporation of plant material, a layer of sticky resin and other substances will build up on the inside of the vaporizer. As a result, the various parts of the device will not be able to work properly. If you really never clean your vaporizer, it can even lead to damage in the long run. By occasionally cleaning the vaporizer, you will therefore be able to ensure that your device lasts longer.

2. Maintain your health

You also clean your vaporizer for your own health. If there is dirt in your vaporizer, this is a wonderful breeding ground for harmful bacteria and fungi. These can then end up in your body through vaping. You can imagine that this is not good for your health.

3. Maintenance of proper functioning

If you use your vaporizer for a long time without cleaning it in between, all kinds of sticky material will stick to the inside of the device. As a result, parts such as the fans, the heating chamber, and the heating coil may not work as well. That can have a negative influence on the effect and therefore also on the taste of what you vape.

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Clean a vaporizer: how do you do that?

You can quickly clean your vaporizer every time you vape. You should do a major cleaning about every two weeks. Below you can read how to go about this for a vaporizer for dry plant material, for concentrates, and for a vape pen. For all vaporizers, you should first read the user manual carefully, so that you know which parts the device consists of and how to disassemble and reassemble it.

Clean a vaporizer for dry plant material

Disassemble the vaporizer to clean it. Shake the various parts, such as the mouthpiece and the heating chamber, well to get out leftovers of plant material. Use a small brush or pipe cleaner to brush each part clean. Make sure that the herb chamber and mouthpiece are properly cleaned, as well as a screen if it is in it. You can use rubbing alcohol to remove sticky residue, which will help loosen it better.

In case of very sticky dirt, you can place parts in a bowl of alcohol, where they can soak for half an hour. This is especially recommended for screens that are very dirty. After such a bath, they shine as usual. When everything is clean and dry, reassemble the vaporizer and wipe the outside with a cloth.

Clean a vaporizer pen

A pen vaporizer will also need to be cleaned regularly. You should have received a cleaning brush with your vape pen, otherwise, you can also use a pipe cleaner. Tap the vape pen first to loosen some dirt. Make sure that small parts do not fall out. Open the vape pen and clean the inside of it with a brush. If the heating chamber can be detached, do so. Then you can also clean it.

You can use a cotton swab for the wire coil. Dip it in alcohol and remove any plant material that has stuck to it. Now take the dry side of the cotton swab to dry the coil. As the last step of cleaning your vaporizer, remove the glass or metal screen and place it in an alcohol bath for half an hour. Rinse it under the tap, let it dry, and you can reassemble your vape pen.

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