california marjuana strain list

california marjuana strain list

California Marjuana Strain List

California marjuana strain list, If you’re a born and raised Californian, you know that no one does anything as good as we do. This is especially true for our weed. There’s a reason they say the west coast is the best coast. So what are some of the top California strains that you can get your hands on from your nearest dispensary?  Whether you’re looking for Cali’s best designer weed or a more traditional strain to fit your ‘ farm-to-table lifestyle, read on to get the rundown on the best strains California has to offer.

Top California Marjuana Strains list 

The truth is that famous strains come and go. Yet, it can be exciting to find a new favorite at your local dispensary. Here are some of the California marjuana strain list that is worth all the hype right now.What would Missouri Amendment 3 change for medical marijuana? | The Kansas City Star


OG Kush

This beloved Indica strain is a cult classic by now. It’s a Florida transplant, but Californians adopted it as one of their own decades ago. Experienced pot smokers will tell you OG Kush is one of their all-time favorites. It offers a solid mental high without the mind race effect that comes with other strains.


This frosty-looking strain comes from Oakland, California. It’s the love child of the Blueberry, Blue Cookie, and Platinum strains. Blueberry Cruffin has a distinctive sweet flavor that, combined with its unique effects, makes it a must-try for recreational and medicinal users. It offers a relaxing high with a prolonged sense of euphoria.

Wedding Crasher‌

An Indica-dominant hybrid strain, Wedding Crasher gives you a long-lasting and energetic high. It’s a deeply potent cross between Wedding Cake and Purple Punch.  If you’re looking to enhance your creativity while enjoying unmatchable mental clarity, you need to give this exotic strain a go. The THC levels in Wedding Crasher are excellent for treating anxiety, chronic stress, and depression.

Girl Scout Cookies

This California native — and OG Kush’s close relative — has been awarded multiple accolades because of its otherworldly potency and unique flavor. You’ll be lucky to find some buds at your go-to place. This strain is so coveted that it keeps running out, leaving empty shelves. Its THC levels land on the strong side of the spectrum at 28%.

Pineapple Express

Rumour has it that this now popular strain didn’t exist before the 2008 film with the same name. Either way, we’re lucky to have it as an option at our favorite Cali dispensaries nowadays. Pineapple Express grows your creative genius and gives you an extra touch of energy to get you through your daily tasks. However, it might make you a bit paranoid in high doses.

Sour Diesel

This strain is a Cali essential that cannabis connoisseurs across the country know and love. It might not be the yummiest strain ever. After all, it does have a sour diesel flavor, as its name accurately states. Yet, its unrivaled Sativa-like effects are well worth the bitter aftertaste. This strain has a 19% THC concentration.

‌You cannot call yourself a California weed lover if you haven’t tried these top California strains. But, as some say, it’s better late than never. Visit the globaldispendsary menu and try these proudly Californian buds today!

Grandaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple boasts the flavor of red wine, as well as a little bit of the flavor of the cellar it was stored in. It’s fruity, musky, and sophisticated. It also happens to be exactly what you need when it’s time to chill out. If you’re feeling a bit anxious,

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